Good Vibes Dog Training

Frequently Asked Questions


Otherwise known as treat based training is a proven method to connect with your dog based off of their needs rather than relying on domineering, or “alpha” tactics used in other training methods. We will never use prong, choke, or E-collars on your dog, only methods that promote the behaviors we want to see in our four-legged companions. In other words there will NEVER be any physical discipline or depravation of resources while in our care. We’re here to be uplifting!

Clickers are a great tool and have the ability to be an amazing signifier for when a treat is coming. However they are not mandatory for our training protocols, we can use marker words such as “YES,” or “GOOD” to signal that a treat is coming and capture a positive moment.

It just depends on your dog truthfully, but we will never get you into a situation that won’t set you and your dog up for success. We aren’t in the business of selling, we are here to only provide what is needed. Our team will talk you through what may be the best place to start.

Patience, understanding, consistency and a positive mindset. We want impart the knowledge and skills upon dogs and humans to have many happy years together.

Absolutely not. These are a training tool, and will be used as a bargaining chip, or currency. We will slowly ween your dog off of treats as they start to progress. But they always get a treat for being super adorable.

If you notice a regression survey what may have changed in their environment, or training protocols. This is almost always the cause for any sort of regression, but most importantly know they can get back to where they need to be if you fall back on the protocols we learned/taught together.

Consistency, consistency and even more consistency. Always set your dog up to be in a situation where they will be successful. For example if you’re learning stay you wouldn’t teach them to sit still in a dog park. It’s all a gradual progression as they adapt and learn new behaviors.